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100 Day Project

Several weeks ago, I came across the 100 Day Project on The Great Discontent and thought it'd be a great exercise to explore something I've been interested in but am not already good at, and practice discipline at the same time.

Designing cards that commemorate an occasion—from the typical calendar holiday to obscure life events, appealed to me because I've also been thinking a lot about connection, how we benefit from it, and how I can help increase it. I only have a couple ideas so far on what those 100 cards' contents will be, plus I have to consider exploring possible styles, so I'm definitely open to (read: please feel free to suggest) ideas!

You can follow my daily progress on my art & design instagram @farthermore, #100okasions, and see other people who are participating at #the100DayProject. I promise you it will not all be pretty (at least mine certainly will include a couple fails—I'm only human!), and while it's scary even for me, I love the idea of a judgment-free zone to experiment and try it in community. Please consider joining—it starts exactly one week from today. I'd love to see what you've chosen for yourself and what you're up to, so if you do decide to participate, let me know your IG handle and 100 Days hashtag below or on my facebook page!