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How Soon Is Now?

The snow is finally melting, the air is warming up, and I'm excited for spring and all the lush green that comes with it! Which reminds me of my trip to Oregon that I never got around to posting. Here are some highlights:

I feel like half of the desktop wallpapers must have been shot here, I couldn't seem to avoid a photo that didn't look like one! My two biggest regrets were not getting to Haystack Rock before the tide came in, and breaking my foot hiking near Mt. Hood on the very first day. Not pictured here: the best flan I've ever had in my life, and the beauty of St. Johns Bridge in Cathedral Park. I wish all infrastructure was built with that level of attention to detail! My pictures simply did not do the structure justice.

*Title is a song by The Smiths, who I belatedly discovered due to my airbnb stay while visiting OR.