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Like PB+J

With Valentine's Day coming up, I'm going through my box of past projects and posting a love-related piece every day this week. This is Day 5 of 5.

It may sound a little strange at first, but I view my relationships with my clients a lot like dating relationships. If a one year mark rolls around, I like to celebrate our One Year "Anniversary" to commemorate a successful collaboration that I appreciate. This is the inside of a card I gave to a client a few years ago that I'm in the process of revisiting:

Left: "We work great together," Right: "like peanut-butter & jelly"

Left: "We work great together," Right: "like peanut-butter & jelly"

This one pushes the limits of legibility a bit, but I had fun experimenting with type. Lately I've also been finding making little cards very relaxing. Sometimes I consider opening up a small shop. We shall see!

Well, that wraps up the flurry of posts and love-related projects for now. I was surprised there were so many! Have any favorites of the five? I'd love to hear it! =)