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High Five

As you might remember, I've been participating in The 100 Day Project for the past couple months(!) by sketching daily card designs and concepts. Needless to say, it's been predictably quite a challenge for numerous reasons, but since we recently passed the halfway mark, I thought it'd be a good opportunity to post my top five favorite pieces from the first 50. These aren't necessarily fan favorites, but my own personal picks:


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At the encouragement of some of my lovely friends, I tried to stop putting so much pressure on myself to create something "marketable" and lean into whatever it is that appeals to me. I didn't really know what excuse there was to send a card textured with the spines of books, but I love these objects, I love experimenting with colors, and I enjoy the subtle variations that somehow make bookshelves so nice to look at. It doesn't always happen, but I felt rewarded for chasing freedom and pursuing my own whimsical interests.


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I've been enjoying hand-lettering for awhile now, and it's always a fun challenge to play with size and placement while ensuring the words are read in the correct order and maintain their legibility. I also love adding in little details that add to the meaning, such as the abstracted infinity symbol from the "t" in "Celebrating" and the magnetic attraction between "kind" and "found."


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In addition to hand-lettering entire phrases, I also enjoy examining individual letters in various fonts to see how elements have been altered and what aspects seem essential to the character. My play with this "random love letter" stemmed from the idea of B for Bee, and how love can be sweet. 


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Beyond the "Mom" message, I intentionally stepped away from the expected colors of pinks and purples for females and florals in this card to create something I still think the average recipient (or giver) could appreciate. I feel that we're often pressured to create what has already been established as good or working, but why not explore a void or differentiate from the many voices that came before us? I just think, I can't possibly be the only one who likes other colors despite being female! 


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Although this one took me a long time to make, it exhibits something that I've been returning to repeatedly as of late: the importance of interpreting an experience in one's own voice instead of merely documenting it. For this one in particular, I had just visited the American Museum of Natural History's Gem and Minerals exhibit and translated the details that I noticed and photographed into the letterforms for the G, E, and M.

It was tough to narrow them down, but those are my favorite five. I'm curious, what do you think? You can also take a look at the full roster of #100okasions thus far, and tell me which ones stand out to you the most. You never know what future may be in store for these once the 100 days are done! =)


100 Day Project

Several weeks ago, I came across the 100 Day Project on The Great Discontent and thought it'd be a great exercise to explore something I've been interested in but am not already good at, and practice discipline at the same time.

Designing cards that commemorate an occasion—from the typical calendar holiday to obscure life events, appealed to me because I've also been thinking a lot about connection, how we benefit from it, and how I can help increase it. I only have a couple ideas so far on what those 100 cards' contents will be, plus I have to consider exploring possible styles, so I'm definitely open to (read: please feel free to suggest) ideas!

You can follow my daily progress on my art & design instagram @farthermore, #100okasions, and see other people who are participating at #the100DayProject. I promise you it will not all be pretty (at least mine certainly will include a couple fails—I'm only human!), and while it's scary even for me, I love the idea of a judgment-free zone to experiment and try it in community. Please consider joining—it starts exactly one week from today. I'd love to see what you've chosen for yourself and what you're up to, so if you do decide to participate, let me know your IG handle and 100 Days hashtag below or on my facebook page!