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About graphic designer Dorothea Lee, owner of graphic design studio fartherMORE, and her design process.


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I operate with a marketer’s eyes on the audience and the bottom line, a freelancer’s drive and priority for deadlines, and an in-house designer’s level of investment in both the team and the outcome. I recognize my roles as a synthesizer of ideas and goals and an expert in distilling those into an elevated visual message. I find motivation in greater missions to partner and create compelling, professional, and consistently branded communication.

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About Dorothea aka d*ro

Take the academic upbringing by immigrant Tiger Parents, make a sharp right with the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA Graphic Design), and throw in some variety-is-the-spice-of-life experiences for good measure. The result is an admittedly curious mix in a curious person, and they help me to bring more to the table and keep things fresh! By nature I’m an observer and absorber—I ask questions and notice details. I bring sensitivity and empathy and am always striving to grow. I like to bring intention and am serious about my work, but love to inject humor into everything else (okay, and I like when I can put it into my work, too). When I’m not working, I enjoy traveling and appreciating the little things in life. I also like to spread cheer with my derpy rescue dog: Toby Falkorson.

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