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Xu Bing's Phoenix

Given the holidays this weekend, I thought it was only fitting to post my pilgrimage to check out Xu Bing's enormous Phoenix art installation—two six-ton, 100-foot sculptures suspended in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. According to the write-up of the art piece,

On a site visit [to China’s World Financial Center, Xu Bing] was shocked by the primitive working conditions of the migrant laborers and inspired. The commission site...reminded him of a cage and he proposed...a pair of phoenixes—Feng, a male, and Huang, a female, each to be fashioned out of the salvage and architectural debris.... Xu Bing’s phoenix was to be complex and contemporary, a representation of 21st-century China in all its contradictions and raw energy.

Wherever it is found, the phoenix is beneficent and life-giving; in many cultures it symbolizes rebirth and resurrection. In Chinese mythology the phoenix...does not die and rise again, but is immortal...Its rare appearance is variously claimed to be a favorable omen or a warning of trouble.

There are already some great photographs readily available of this installation, so I chose a few details to highlight here, as well as other great moments I enjoyed from the site itself.

Did you get a chance to see the installation for yourself? What do you think?

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How Soon Is Now?

The snow is finally melting, the air is warming up, and I'm excited for spring and all the lush green that comes with it! Which reminds me of my trip to Oregon that I never got around to posting. Here are some highlights:

I feel like half of the desktop wallpapers must have been shot here, I couldn't seem to avoid a photo that didn't look like one! My two biggest regrets were not getting to Haystack Rock before the tide came in, and breaking my foot hiking near Mt. Hood on the very first day. Not pictured here: the best flan I've ever had in my life, and the beauty of St. Johns Bridge in Cathedral Park. I wish all infrastructure was built with that level of attention to detail! My pictures simply did not do the structure justice.

*Title is a song by The Smiths, who I belatedly discovered due to my airbnb stay while visiting OR.

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Falling Up

As a beach person, I never imagined I'd fall in love with The Great Plains or The Rockies, but before I landed in Colorado, I was greeted with these views:

Also, this view outside my cabin bedroom:


Okay, one more from the drive back to the airport:

Anyone in Colorado need a temp on-site graphic designer? ;)

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My husband and I are about to embark on his company's annual retreat. At last year's trip to Whistler, we made sure to hop on the peak-to-peak gondola known for being the highest lift of its kind and the longest continuous and unsupported lift system in the world, where I took this photo (animated for fun):

I've always been fascinated by light and shadow, and can't stop thinking about how its changes direct your eye through the image.