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Blog of Dorothea Lee's graphic design studio, fartherMORE, containing visual experiments, wonders, and the occasional throwback.

Goodbye, Hello

After years of wanting to freshen up my site (formerly d-whoah.com) and rebrand myself, farther MORE is nearly there!

One thing I kept hearing during this incubation period was that the bunnies must find a way to live on! It's true, bunnies had been such an integral part of my identity growing up, so even though they no longer have a primary spot on my new site, I will insert them here as the first post in wonderlab: my place for visual experiments, wonders, and the occasional throwback.

These bunnies originally appeared as menu icons for different areas of my site and changed as you hovered over them.

from d-whoah v4.2:

A random phrase involving "whoah" appeared each time a user hovered over the logo.

from d-whoah v4: